The Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians, NA, Inc. is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International

The Recreational Vehicle Fellowship or RVF as it is affectionately known by its members, is one of the many fellowships of Rotary in which the members have a common bond, in our case a love for camping and rallies in various scenic locations in North America. Our membership includes numerous Canadian Rotarians, two from Europe, one from Australia and hopefully in the near future, Mexican Rotarians. If you are a Rotarian and have a love for camping, be it in a popup tent trailer or a Class A motorhome, join our fun group. On the right is the Devil's Tower in Wyoming. On the left is Pyramid Mountain, near the East entrance to Yellowstone Park. 

Enjoy photographs of past rallies found on this web site. 

We encourage Rotarians with this common interest to join our fun group. The Fellowship also does what any good Rotary group would do, which is to have a service project. Ours is a Highway Safety Project. Since 1992 we have made a donation, usually in-kind, to an Emergency Medical Service Provider at the location of our annual rally.

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